Meaning, Benefits, and Buying Cloud VPS Server Service

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Technology has developed in a vast way every day. Just in a year, a new invention will always appear and bring new trends to the world. You may still remember how fast the CPU generation is always changing in the past ten years. It did not just happen on the processor only. The method and medium in sharing are also experiencing an evolution. Floppy disk has been beaten by HDD (hard disk drive), and now HDD is facing the newest version of disk named SSD (Solid-state drive).

The internet has also become the factor that pushed the development and evolution of technology and human behavior. People cannot live without internet nowadays. The internet has become the second universe where people spend most of their time socializing, making money, and seeking entertainment. Internet is also working along with the technology. By that, people are finding the practice way to solve their problem about the efficient data storage that is easier to access from everywhere called cloud storage. 

Cloud storage is a huge leap in the storage service feature. It became darling for most people due to its feature that can be accessed for anyone anywhere with the help of an internet connection. Using the cloud server, you can save more space on your establishment because you don’t have to buy hardware like in the old time. 

Cloud storage also useful in the website hosting activity. Since the benefits of cloud services, it can be said that it can become the perfect database to store all of your data and files in a secure place on the internet. Cloud storage is taking an important role in hosting activity and has a special place as a component in there. Hence, hosting services focus on providing the website hosting server using the cloud as the main feature, such as cloud hosting server and cloud VPS hosting.

In this article, you will get information about the Cloud VPS server. To be more specific, the section below will give you information about what the cloud VPS server is, the differences between the Cloud VPS server with the managed VPS, and tips for buying a cloud server from credible VPS hosting service providers. Let’s get started to be informed by scrolling down on the below section.

What is Cloud VPS Hosting?

Cloud VPS hosting is a website hosting service provided by the VPS hosting services provide which. The main component in the data storage in this VPS hosting server is by using the cloud. Before we dig deeper about the cloud hosting benefits, we better get in touch with the definition of VPS server first to make it easier to proceed to the sections below that talk about Cloud VPS server. 

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This website hosting server is popular nowadays since it is able to provide the best and fastest performance in website hosting activity because VPS is providing the dedicated resource that has the advantage in boosting the website’s performance. Some website hosting services do not provide a dedicated resource such as shared hosting and cloud hosting. On those website hosting services, the resource is only provided in a single place and accessed by a lot of people at the same time. This practice is riskier to make a website experiencing downtime whenever a lot of people visit your website or are commonly called high website traffic. 

Let’s get back to the main topic in Cloud VPS hosting. How can it be named cloud VPS server instead of cloud hosting server? That is a good point to ask. VPS or Virtual Private Server has some subcategories under the service named Cloud VPS server, SSD VPS hosting, managed VPS hosting service, and unmanaged VPS hosting service. 

On the cloud hosting service, the benefit you can get is only the feature in the data center that manifested in a cloud data storage, but further features such as access, security, resource, and privacy do not focus on cloud hosting provider. Meanwhile, the Cloud VPS server provides you with the comprehended advantages that can cover your website’s security, better and faster performance, full access to your server, and the privacy aspect. 

The aspect that differentiates cloud VPS hosting from the other services under the virtual private server’s hosting service is the cloud server feature on the data center and the live backups for your data. For some hosting server services, live backups are almost impossible because the server needs to access the data center whenever they want to back up the files. 

What is the difference between Cloud VPS & Managed VPS?

The differences between Cloud VPS and managed VPS are located on the datacenter aspect and the assistance in running the website hosting server. While for the other aspects, both of those VPS hosting service subs are performing similar bright performances.

You can choose the Cloud VPS hosting if you need some features like ease of access and efficiency in the backup process. Suppose you prefer to look for the VPS website hosting service that bales to give you the optimum performance and assistance in almost all aspects of the VPS hosting service. In that case, the best option is to choose the managed VPS hosting for your website hosting activity.

How to buy a Cloud Server?

To buy the cloud VPS server is not as complicated as many people may think. All you have to do is visit the Cloud VPS hosting provider or make a call, and also you can purchase that by coming to their office. In most cases, the cloud VPS provider will give you the information about their product’s description, what you can get over the cloud hosting plans, what you can, and you can’t do on your website, etc. After that, the provider will usually explain the pricing over the cloud VPS server you are about to buy.

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