Make Sure Your Resume Has All Essential Sections

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The demand for online teachers is growing with every passing day thanks to the pandemic that has left the world panic-stricken. So, if you have the desire of becoming a virtual tutor, this is the time you should start job hunting. Your job search should begin with the creation of a perfect resume and cover letter. 

The tips provided below will help you to come up with a winning online teacher’s resume seamlessly. Read on to know more. 

Pick the Right Format 

You shouldn’t find it difficult to format your resume correctly if you use Still, we have explained the basics of an online tutor’s resume below. 

To land an online tutor’s job, you’ll have to present your experience and expertise in the right manner. 

If you have experience in teaching and online tutoring, you should opt for the chronological format to grab the attention of your potential employer easily. This will allow you to list all your achievements and past job experiences in reverse. 

Individuals, who don’t have too much work experience, on the other hand, should opt for the combination or hybrid format. A hybrid resume will allow you to highlight the skills that make you a perfect candidate for the position of an online tutor. 

People teaching creative art can use a creative format depending on the profession they belong to. However, the creative aspects of the resume format shouldn’t make the resume less informative, comprehensive, and readable. 

Choose the Suitable Layout for Your Resume 

Your resume’s layout plays a crucial role too. Go for a layout that presents important facts and figures in a readable manner. The presentation should be pleasing to your recruiter’s eyes. Keep the resume tidy and make sure every section is emphasized properly and has enough spacing between them. Never commit the mistake of using multiple colors, graphics, shadings, etc. Those elements make resumes look informal and unprofessional. 

Make Sure Your Resume Has All Essential Sections 

As an online tutor, you must highlight certain points in the resume if you want to increase your chances of landing the job. The facts that you should always include when writing an online teacher’s resume are as follows:

  • Your contact information 
  • Summary (add a summary instead of an objective statement) 
  • Past work experience 
  • Educational or professional training 
  • Skills 
  • Certifications 

You can add more sections to your resume to make your profile appear more professional and increase your credibility as a virtual tutor. Examples of optional segments include:

  • Details of internship 
  • Details of volunteer work 
  • Information in awards and recognitions 
  • Languages known
  • Conferences or seminars attended 

Be Careful about the Length of Your Resume 

Make sure the content of your resume doesn’t go beyond one page. If you include appropriate sections in your resume and abide by basic design principles, you shouldn’t find it difficult to complete it within a page of 8.5”x11”.

Final Words 

Make sure you live up to all the promises you make through your resume. If you fail to do so, even a perfect resume will not be able to save your career. So, it’s also important that you only write the truth in your resume.

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