Tips To Craft A Resume That’ll Get You An Interview

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We all have felt the despair of sending a resume to our dream company, yet still failing to acquire an interview. There is a possibility that the company didn’t take a look at your resume at all. This is a common occurrence among big companies. 

Quite a few companies use applicant tracking systems to scan your resume for a set of keywords. They search for keywords that seem relevant to the role. This filters down the applicants, and a chosen few are scrutinized by the hiring managers. In order to frame a resume that can land you an interview, you can be benefited from the following tips. 

Insert keywords that fit the job description

Keywords are tools that are often utilized to pick suitable candidates that are relevant to the listed position. You should look at the job role offered and analyze it carefully. What kind of roles and requirements are they looking for? Consequently, you should make use of the same terminology in your CV too. 

For instance, it wouldn’t make sense to put ‘Financial analyst’ in your CV if the position you are applying to is a software engineer. Even if you do have work experience, it is hardly relevant to the role offered. So, adding ‘software engineer’ while you build resume would be a better call, and you could end up with an interview call.

Place the keywords in the first half of the resume 

In order to make your resume stand out, try out the LinkedIn style headline. This headline provides a brief description of the candidate and lists out their best qualities. When you send your resume forward, the recruiter will learn about you from the keywords you have written. 

When the recruiter finds these keywords right at the top of your resume, it creates a good impression on him since they are highlighted if he is using an automated tool. The keywords pop up when the tool is used. 

Do not add irrelevant experience

This is by far the most common and silly mistake candidates make while crafting their resumes. Potential employees often add experience that is very irrelevant and outdated concerning the job offered. You should try to customize your resume according to the nature of the job and add experience that pertains to the role.

It is a big no-no to send a common resume if you apply for a variety of roles. Have different versions of your CV ready if you are thinking of applying to different positions. 

List your hobbies to bring out your personality

There is a hobbies section in resumes, which tells the recruiters what the candidate does in his leisure time. You can use that section to convey to the recruiter about your personality other than just speaking about your part-time hobbies.

For example, if your hobby is volunteering. You can put it like this: “I feel that I owe something to society. So, in my free time, I try to give back to society by participating in various charity drives conducted by NGOs.”

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