10 Full-featured Bokeh Video Applications for Android

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This bokeh video application will produce a bokeh feature that looks natural. Download the application now, it's free without having to pay!

The need for videography nowadays is indeed increasingly attracting the interest of the general public. Moreover, with existing technological advances, many videography applications have been made possible. One of them is about a cool bokeh video application.

More interestingly, some applications can even be downloaded for free via an Android device. Most of the people already use Hp with Android system. This is very beneficial so that you can make cool and easy bokeh concept videos.


Today's Bokeh Video Application

If you surf the internet or open the play store service, you will find lots of video applications. Indeed, not all applications offer the desired convenience and attractive features. Below are some recommendations for applications that are suitable for use.

  1. Cameringo Lite-Camera Filter

Most video viewers are bothered by the size of the video file which tends to be large. If you want to make a light bokeh concept video, use the Cameringo Lite-Camera Filter application. This application is free and the file size is quite light.

By using this application, there are several other advantages. Apart from the small file size, it also doesn't make the device memory fill up fast. Interestingly, this application is available in several versions so that it can also be used on Android devices.

The highlight of this application is the focus adjustment feature that can be blurred and sharpened. Colors are also more detailed, resulting in a clear bokeh concept that looks real like real objects.

  1. DSLR HD Camera-4K HD Camera Ultra Blur Effect

Although the name of this application has the term DSLR, it does not mean it is used for DSLR cameras. This application can be downloaded for android devices. The name of this application does produce image quality that is almost the same as shots on DSLR cameras.

The DSLR HD Camera-4K HD Camera Ultra Blur Effect application is able to make bokeh videos with clear quality, not breaking when enlarged. The features of this application are also quite complete and easy to use even for novice users.

  1. CK47 4K Video Recorder

One application for making videos with a bokeh concept is CK47 4K Video Recorder. This application provides a very proportional mix of sound and image. The file is also lightweight with a simple appearance and is easy to use by anyone.

Even though it looks normal, the result problem cannot be underestimated. After you use this application you will be amazed by the results. Video capture is very neat and detailed, so that objects look more real.

This application also has a difference with other applications, namely there is a noise cancellation feature. This will make it easier to edit even if you only use one application.

  1. Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera is the recommended application for making bokeh concept videos. Many like to use this application because it has features that can produce high-resolution videos. The catch is also very real so it's quite interesting to use.

The Bacon Camera app is also easy to use. You can download it for free on an android device. For beginners, you can see the tutorials provided in the application about how to use and edit a good one.

  1. Camera MX

Have seen videos on professional films that are really bokeh. Imagine you can also make the video with just an application. Now there is the Camera MX application which has very complete features and gives very satisfying results.

Camera MX memiliki pengaturan resolusi video serta proses editing bagaikan editor profesional. Keunggulan dari aplikasi ini adalah memiliki fitur anti guncangan. Tidak perlu khawatir jika ada efek guncangan pada video yang direkam.

Other features, such as slow motion or fast motion, are also included in the application as an editing variant. The complete features of Camera MX are very helpful in making the desired video.

  1. Blur Video

Bokeh is synonymous with blur effect. If you want to make an interesting blur video, use the Blur Video application. During video recording, you can choose your own desired blur effect. There are two versions of blur, namely Freestyle Blur and Fun Blur.

The blur impression can be changed at any time. The video results from Blur Video can be saved at several resolutions. Examples are HD resolution, Instagram Post, and various other types of resolutions.

This application feature aims to produce videos with clear quality, not broken, and the resolution is cut off during the upload process. Some applications may cut the resolution when uploading so that the results will be different.

  1. Square Video: Video Editor

This application is recommended because it has many features like those of professional editors. Square Video allows users to record videos with a choice of various shapes, for example round or square.

The appearance of this application is quite simple and its use is also quite easy. By selecting this application, you can directly edit the recorded video without using any other application.

This will simplify and speed up the editing process, compared to using a special video editing application. You don't need to work twice because you only need one application to get videos with fantastic bokeh results.

  1. After Focus

Another interesting editing application is After Focus. There is no need to doubt the results and professionalism of this application. Actually, the After Focus application is an application that pioneered the many similar applications that have started to appear.

The blur feature offered by this application is almost the same when using a DSLR camera. You can select the desired focus area with just one click. From this application there are also many filters that can be used to produce cool videos.

In addition to the professional blur concept, the video results will also provide a more balanced color harmony. You can be amazed when you see video results that are like real, even though you only use free applications on Android.

  1. Cinema FV-5 Lite

For beginners who want to learn to make blurry videos, you can use the Cinema FV-5 Lite application. This application is one type that is very easy to operate, so that it will make it easier for anyone who uses it.

The advantage of this application is that it has manual controls. This allows users to more freely arrange which objects to focus on. These controls include sharpness, lighting, and contrast to be able to produce high-quality videos.

  1. Mago Video

The application for making the next blur video is Mago Video. This app offers video editing magically. There is a Music for Fun Lip Sync feature, as well as several ratio features that allow users to post videos according to the platform.

In addition, Mago Video can also be used in the video editing process. You can also trim the video and make it blurry. There are also sticker frames and effects that are quite fun and interesting to use.

Making bokeh videos nowadays is not difficult. You don't necessarily have to use a DSLR camera. Just download some of the applications provided and start making interesting videos. This application is free and can be used by anyone, even by beginners though.

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